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The goal of this task is to improve the Sophie2 skin.

Task requirements

  • Fix the problem with TilePainter in true launcher.
    • Provide background through the tile painter for the book and desktop background. The same background should be used for flaps.
  • Create a custom Popup Menu so that shadow is properly drawn(Optional - this is not so urgent but would be nice to have see for more information).
  • Provide a way to skin components that do not use the default UI. For example the title bar of a frame is a panel but it should look differently from other panels. Same applies to huds. We now have several such implementations that need to be generalized.
  • Removed the background of the left button in the title bar of the internal frame.
  • Fix the bottom pixels of the text fields in most of the huds.
  • Fix the title bars of flaps, tabs and palettes which are broken in the release.
  • Provide new icons for the buttons. They now look ugly compared to other controls.

Task result

  • Source code
  • Assets

Implementation idea


How to demo

  • Open the application
  • Change the skin
  • Walk trough the changed elements


  • TilePainter is referenced from the sophie2_lookandfeel.xml file. It appears that the class could not be found due to path problems. That is why the sophie2_lookandfeel.xml will be moved to its parent directory. That is "src/main/resources". For every referenced image inside the XML its path should be changed to distrib/resources/... instead of resources/...
  • TilePainter will be used to draw background of the flaps. Every background of mydoggy will be provided inside a panel style with a corresponding name inside the XML. This will be defined for flaps, tabs and palettes.
    • For example, for flaps that will be "".
    • This also mean that some skin element ids will be extracted as constants inside the corresponding visual element.
  • Popup menu will be improved next revision. This takes some time and we decided to customize more other things instead of only this one.
  • For every component that looks differently from the one defined in the look and feel, we will use styles with names instead of regions. The names will match the skin element id. This applies to:
    • Mydoggy components
    • Frame title bar.
    • Book panel elements.
  • Book panel elements will be added in the style as described above. These include:
    • Search buttons with states
    • Navigation buttons withe state.
  • Bottom pixels of text fields are not part of the look and feel, since they are cut in the default skin as well. In order to fix this, change the layout of the hud, so that it has a vertical gap between components. Currently it is 5 and should be changed to 0 in order for the hud to manage all components added.
  • Background of the left button in the title bar of the internal frame could not be removed at this point. It appear that this is an internal component and it has no name. This one should be tweak in another way in later revisions.
  • Title bars of the flaps, tabs and palettes will be fixed by providing a color as a background in the default panel style of the look and feel. It looks exactly as with an image. Using an image breaks all mydoggy panels.
  • Buttons assets will be changed with more pleasant ones.
  • Additional things added:
    • The book panel elements customizations.
    • Tab bar customizations:
      • Buttons with states.
      • A trailing panel so that the tab bar looks as a real tab bar. The buttons used are still toggle buttons.
      • Shadow border will be added for falps.
      • Look and feel will be moved to SkinManager. An auto property computing the look and feel will be added. If there is no look and feel defined, the default java look and feel will be used.
      • Text field text selection will be fixed. Text selection will have a blue background with white text.
      • The selection combo box text field will be fixed, so that the inner shape around the text will be removed.
  • See AUTHOR_APP_TUNING for further detail.
  • Screenshot:



Merged to the trunk in [5740].


(Place the testing results here.)


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