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file menu entries... recent books. new, open, save, save as, close - these should be handled by appropriate extension points Create structure of the file menu. Define document behavior. File menu should contain:

  • New
  • Open
  • Recent Documents
  • Save
  • Save As
  • Close

In later revisions some of the following will be present

  • Print
  • Import
    • Annotations
  • Export
    • Book
    • Annotations

Task requirements

The behavior is the following:

  • File -> New Toggles a hud that gives the opportunity to enter size of the new book and/or to choose a template to use for creating the new book.
    • When a template is selected, the size controls become inactive
    • Default values are chosen when the dialog is opened.
    • This dialog should also be accessible by keyboard shortcut. (Not part of this task)
    • The new book appears immediately after the File -> New menu item is clicked. The book is edited at the same time as the size/ template is changed. Clicking Cancel destroys the book.
    • The book appears in the center of the book window. If book windows are not maximized, the new window appears with displacement down and right, with size of the book title bar.
  • File -> Open toggles File Dialog to choose a book file to be opened.
    • The book should be opened as described for new book appearance.
  • File -> Recent Books opens a submenu with list of recently opened books. Clicking a menu item opens the corresponding book. (Note that the recent books list is needed by other tasks, so it must be implemented during this revision!)
    • The list should be with maximum 10 items.
    • The list should be with most recent book documents at the top of the menu. (Sorting)
    • Clicking a menu item from the Recent Books menu opens the book.
  • File -> Save - saves the book.
    • If the book hasn't been saved yet, works like File -> Save as.
  • File -> Save As - Toggles Save as File Dialog to choose a location to save the book.
  • File -> Close Toggles the "Save changes" and/or "Quit Sophie 2" message boxes.
    • If there are no opened and modified books File -> Close toggles the "Quit Sophie2?" message box.
    • If there are opened and modified books File -> Close toggles the "Save changes?" message box starting from last modified book.
  • In later revisions File -> Import/Export should be present with similar behavior.(with submenus, should toggle file dialogs.)

File menu should provide extension points for menu items.

Task result

Source code. Diagrams.

Implementation idea

source:/trunk/sophie2-platform/doc/spec-diagrams/CloseSaveDialog.png source:/trunk/sophie2-platform/doc/spec-diagrams/NewBookDialog.png


How to demo

Show implemented functionalities from the file menu

  • Open (Create) a book
  • Save it
  • Open the book again using the Recent Documents submenu.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



Underlining letters for keyboard shortcuts should be present, but as part of which task?