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should include also recent books
Opened Books Palette")

The opened books palette should visualize the opened books as a list. The list should be similar to the list in DOCUMENT_FILE_MANAGEMENT_R0.

  • A list with currently opened books in order of opening
  • A separator
  • A list with recently opened books

The items in the list should be clickable and draggable buttons.

  • When clicked the book is focused/opened
  • When dragged, the book is opened

Task requirements

  • Create a palette positioned in the left flap by default
  • Provide the listing mentioned in the task overview
  • Implement the functionality on mouse left click
  • Keep in mind that this task has only two revisions with same effort
  • Dragging may be postponed

Task result

The result of this task is code.

Implementation idea

Implement this task in parallel or after DOCUMENT_FILE_MANAGEMENT_R0. Take a look at APP_WINDOW_MENU_R0 as the recent books list should be implemented there.


How to demo

Open(Create) some books.

  • Scroll between the books by clicking books buttons in the Opened books palette.
  • Open a book by clicking it's button in Recent books list.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



question? should discuss if opening of a book more that once will be available.