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Download Sophie 2.0

Sophie 2.0 is released under the Educational Community License, Version 2.0.

Sophie 2.0 requires Java 6 or its equivalent. Please see the installation instructions for more information.

This is an old release

Release notes

New features

  • Improved skin.
  • Basic undo/redo support.
  • Page preview palette.


ZIP of Sophie 2 test release 1 for all platforms

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Sophie 2 Server

MacOS Sophie 2 test release 1 packages

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Daily builds

These builds are the latest daily builds, in both ZIP and GZIP format. Use caution with these; the features present in these builds may not match that which is described in the documentation and have not been as tested as thoroughly as the regular release.

Build server

Source code

User documentation

Sample books

  • More demo books can be found here.


  • Basic tutorials on getting started with Sophie are available here.

Release schedule

Previous releases