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The goal of this task is to analyze and repair current internal backlog if needed. This maintenance is performed regularly.

Task requirements

  • Impediments - Review existing impediments, discuss with team which are overcame and which not. Mark these, which are already fixed.
  • Smells - Review existing smells, ask who is assigned to fix them and view current status. If the smell is corrected, mark it in the Smells sheet.
  • Documents - Search for newly created important documents and include them here.
  • Daily and Global availability - Review if each member has filled in availabilities for a fixed period (a month for example).

Task result

Maintained Log in implementation section of current revision INTERNAL_BACKLOG_MAINTENANCE_R0

Implementation idea



How to demo

Show the internal backlog at and describe maintained parts.


Our internal backlog consist of several sheets

  • Impediments sheet with:
    • Name - name of the impediment
    • Description - short description of the impediment
    • Date - the date it was posted
    • Submitter - developer name.
    • Impact - low, medium, strong, etc.
    • Status - resolved, unresolved, etc.
  • Smells sheet with:
    • Name - name of the smell.
    • Location - class, package, document, etc.
    • Description - a short description.
    • Reported - a date.
  • Documents sheet with:
    • Name - name of the document.
    • Link - active link.
  • Daily Availability - everyone should fill the days he can be available for the current sprint.
  • Global Availability sheets
    • Week
    • Notes

In order to maintain the backlog we should fill the sheets periodically, this will give us the opportunity for better planning our work and prevent mistakes. This iteration we will write down the smells and impediments during the iteration review, but this will be exception, in the future iterations the team members must fill in these sheets during the iteration. This way we will be able to prevent unwanted results in earlier phases.


The internal backlog is available at . Daily availability is filled (in future the colors will be replaced by numbers). The impediments and code smells will be considered during the iteration review. Global availability wasn't used during the first iteration (we may discuss if it is necessary).



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