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Installation Instructions

On all machines

Download the zipped file from here and unzip it to create the directory sophie2-pre-alpha-5.


Run the file sophie2-pre-alpha-5\build_run.bat.


Run the file sophie2-pre-alpha-5/

Mac OS X

Older Intel-based Macs (with 32-bit processors) don't have Java 6 installed. This release is dependent upon Java 6; future releases will solve this incompatibility. However, Sophie 2 can be run on these machines if X11 is installed by installing SoyLatte, an open source version of Java 6. To run Sophie 2:

  1. Download SoyLatte from
  2. Unzip the SoyLatte zip file.
  3. Open Terminal and move the SoyLatte directory to /usr/bin/: mv soylatte16-i386-1.0.3 /usr/bin/.
  4. Set the path for SoyLatte to run Java: export PATH=/usr/local/soylatte16-i386-1.0.3/bin:$PATH.
  5. In the Terminal, navigate to the directory created when you unzipped the Sophie 2 download.
  6. Run Sophie by typing sh

On newer Macs (with 64-bit processors), Sophie 2 can be run without installing SoyLatte. To do this, it's necessary to make sure that you're using Java 6.

  1. Open the application Java Preferences in /Applications/Utilities/Java/ and in the applications subpanel, drag Java SE 6 to the top:


  1. Run Sophie by opening the Terminal, navigating to sophie2-pre-alpha-5, and typing sh