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Sophie Tutorials

The current release of Sophie is missing much of the functionality that will be in the final release version of Sophie, but it can still do many things. This tutorial will walk you through starting Sophie and making a simple book.

To get started with Sophie, you need to download it from the download page. You'll end up with a .zip file; you'll need to unzip that. If you're running on Windows, double-click the file build_run.bat to start Sophie. If you're running Linux, execute If you're running Mac, things are a bit more complicated: see the installation instructions here for instructions on how to get Sophie running on a Mac.

  • Tutorial 1: the basics of the Sophie interface. This tutorial covers the basics of the Sophie interface: things you should know before you start making books. It covers the basics of flaps, tabs, and palettes, as well as the concepts of the book desktop, halos, and HUD. Also includes bug reporting.

For More Help

You might look at the Sophie documentation, which goes through all of Sophie's current functionality.