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Part 4: Using Audio and Video

Basic ideas for a script:

  • Import audio
    • Demonstrate manipulating audio on the page - moving, changing background.
    • Demonstrate controls.
  • Import video
    • Demonstrate manipulating video on the page - resizing.
    • Demonstrate controls
    • Demonstrate further manipulations - rotating? overlaying images?
    • Demonstrate in preview mode.
  • Using basic a/v links (will need to wait until timeline-links are working).
    • put movie on page, click on another image set as a control to have the movie play, pause, stop.
    • better: put two movies on a page, click on another image set as a control to have both movies play, pause, stop.
    • have frame that can be clicked on to play short audio file that's not visible on the page.
  • Using basic timelines (will need to wait until timelines are usable).


Audio playback doesn't seem to be working on Macs (running Java 6 or SoyLatte) & I'm told it's not working on Linux, this should be done on Windows.