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In this task we must define which are the supported platforms and which libraries will be used in Sophie 2.0. Also what are the minimum system requirements.

Task requirements

Define supported platforms. Define which software libraries, products are needed for running Sophie 2.0:

  • for platform independent
  • for native parts

Decide which parts will be bundled and which won't. Decide which libraries will be used depends on platform compatibility. Define minimum system requirements.

Task Result

wiki page

Implementation idea

Research which are the required platforms. See which are the used libraries up to now and what they require. Estimate what are the minimal system requirements.


How to Demo



There will be a wiki page where is defined:

  • the supported platforms:
    • Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista 32/64 bits
    • Linux
    • FreeBSD?
    • MacOS
  • the software libraries/products needed for running Sophie 2.0 for the platform independent parts.
    • java 5 or newest versions
  • the software libraries/products needed for running Sophie for native parts(depends on specific frame content for example).
    • web browser(which depends on the libraries we use for implementation) for browser content
    • web browser and flash player for flash content
    • etc...
  • the minimum hardware requirements
    • CPU
    • RAM memory
    • minimum supported screen resolution
    • (in future) hard disk space needed

There will be no bundled software.


The requirements are listed in PLATFORM_NFR_COMPATIBILITY page


  • Analyzing : Dean, Pavlina(done: 20 mins)
    • Review: 3,5 by Tanya - 10 min- How to demo is missing.
    • Refactoring : Deyan(done: 10 mins)
  • Designing :
    • Review: 4 by Tanya - 10 min - OK
  • Implementing : Tanya - 2h
    • Review: 3.5 by todor
  • Testing :