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For this revision the PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN should define rules for reviewing design phase of tasks.

Task requirements

  • For each task type define rules for the design:
    • Required section - things that are obligatory for the design in order to pass the review
    • Recommended section - things that are recommended for the design, needed for higher score
    • Optional section - things that can be included in the design and may be rated with higher score.

These rules should be stuctured like a checklist. See implementation idea for more detailed information. These requirements will be updated each week when suggestions are made.

  • Add a requirement that the reviewer should either stick to these rules or comment them in the comment section.
  • Explain when requesting a superreview is allowed.
  • Review and update the existing requirements if needed. (see if there are any comments of the document or suggest improvements.

Task result

PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN with requirements for the reviews.

Implementation idea

Change the formatting for the task types. Split the requirements after each task type in subsections. Define required, recommended and optional sections. Expand the document where needed.


How to demo



The PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN page will be restructured as follows:

|_How to write design
|__General information
|__Task kinds
|___Coding task
|____A sample approach
|___Bug fix

These sections will contain:

  • General information - a brief description of what the design should contain (applying to all task kinds).
  • Task types - for each task type there will be a list of requirements for the design content.
    • for coding tasks - a list of links about UML & diagrams, test-driven development and automatic testing.
  • Examples - several examples of good designs.
  • Reviewing - rules for reviewing, scoring and requesting a super review - when a task should fail and when not.
  • Comments - everyone that has some opinion on the standards should describe it here.

Everyone has been asked to give his opinion in the Comments section. During the implementation these comments will be considered and integrated into the wiki page. The existing requirements will be reviewed and new will be added where necessary.

Everything that is listed in the Task types section is required (there will be no recommended and optional sections as stated in the analysis). Instead, the Reviewing section should state how to score a design and what is required/recommended. The reason is that these things are common for all task kinds.


PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN edited according to the design.



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)