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The goal of this task is to develop a concept of describing Changes with useful end-user information.

This includes:

  • Reviewing current implementation for information and descriptions associated with Changes
  • Giving ideas for new types of Change descriptions which will be useful for the end-user
  • Devising a mechanism to implement the ideas above internally

Task requirements

  • Information about changes should be classified by types and implemented:
    • Description
      • When the user is undoing/redoing a change, this results in a top-level change which should have meaningful description
      • Internal side effect changes could also have useful descriptions
    • Whether the change is a main or a side effect
    • Unique sequence id of the change
      • When Changes occur, they are sorted in order of appearance so each Change should have a unique id
      • The smaller the id of a Change, the earlier in time it has occurred
    • When the end-user views a top-level change, besides description there should be also a timestamp of the Change, e.g. when it has occurred
  • Develop a UI tool which shows the tree of Changes for debugging purposes
  • Develop a proper way to visualize what kind of effects undoing/redoing a Change would have
  • Create new unit tests

Task result

  • Description of the information a Change provides in the wiki page
  • New code to implement the desired functionality
  • Description of the UI tool in the wiki

Implementation idea

  • Use the Inspector for a base of the UI tool


How to demo

  • Undo/redo some actions in Sophie 2 and show the descriptions
  • Show the UI tool
  • Run the unit tests



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)