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The goal of this task is to fix some inconsistencies of the ProLib.

Task requirements

  • Remove the ChangeManager argument from BaseProObject and "revert" the previous big refactoring from GROUP_CHANGES_R1 and fix all errors which will occur. In the R4 design, there is no need for ChangeManagers so we don't need them anymore.
  • @Own has some things to fix. Improve it by implementing some misuse detection:
    • @Own doesn't guarantee exclusive ownership over @Owned objects which don't have a ParentProperty parent() declared explicitly.
    • Add misuse detection logic.
  • @Own is not specified very well in the case when a ProObject has to AutoListProperties and you try to put the same objects inside those two AutoListProperties. There are different ways to solve this, though we decided that such case shouldn't be allowed, so some sort of misuse detection for this case should be implemented.
  • Help Peko finish PRO_LIB_CORE_TUTORIAL_R1.

Task result

  • Refactored Sophie code where no ChangeManagers exist and tests are updated accordingly.
  • Better @Own annotation behavior.
  • Peko should have finished PRO_LIB_CORE_TUTORIAL_R1

Implementation idea

  • Refactor code.
  • Urge Peko to work.


How to demo

  • Show that no ChangeManagers are needed anymore and code is working without them.
  • Show that Peko has finished the task.


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