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Sophie2 Server is a easily deployable server service for organizations and groups of individuals using Sophie. Since Sophie2 Server can have more than one instance running, it needs administration instructions.

Task requirements

This work is rather mechanical, so it should be an easy task. The non-trivial part is defining the structure of the document, containing admin instructions. Here are the minimum requirements for this "proto" revision:

  • In the Design section define a structure for the document. Define where the instructions will be kept (maybe in the wiki for now?)
  • Create a document (wiki page, jsp file, or something else) with appropriate name (if it is a wiki page, S2S_ADMIN_INSTRUCTIONS would be good).
  • List/Describe the deployment technologies, used in the Sophie2 Server.
  • Include deployment instructions, containing the steps for setting up an instance of the S2S.
  • Include S2S administration instructions structure: there is no functionality for administering S2S yet, so nothing can be filled in.
  • Look at the S2S_PRODUCTION_SERVER_R0, decide whether to link the resulting documentation here.

Task result

Initial S2S deployment and administration instructions.

Implementation idea

For the administration instructions structure, you can use the corresponding chapter in the master spec.
For describing the deployment technologies, use S2S_DEPLOY_TECHNOLOGIES_R0.
Link the resulting document in the server jsps, more information at S2S_WEB_HELP_RESOURCES_R0.


How to demo

Show the document, containing the instructions to the team.


(Describe your design here.)


(Describe and link the implementation results here (from the wiki or the repository).)


(Place the testing results here.)


(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)