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This task is about setting a stable production server and managing it. This should be the official Sophie2 book server, visible to the world.

Task requirements

Since we do not have a fully functional Sophie2 for now, we probably do not need a fully functional server. Furthermore, we do already have a testing server, which should satisfy our needs for a running instance of the server on this phase. But it will be a final result of our work, so the initial setup must be of high quality. Some things to consider:

  • The target machine. It should be stable enough, reliable and properly configured.
  • The bandwidth. What is an estimate of the expected load, what are our possibilities, etc.
  • The content. Decide if it is a good idea to initialize an instance of the current version of the S2S, or just put a message ("It Works!", "Under construction", etc.)
  • The documentation. Since we must have more than just one Sophie2 server, it is important to document the steps for setting up a server like this one. Note that deployment and administration instructions are to be done in another task, so just the steps for a basic machine setup would be enough.
  • Since a large refactoring is needed in the server persistence/core, this task is better to be implemented after other S2S tasks are finished (for this iteration) in order to have better functionality.

Task result

Running basic instance of the production server, documentation.

Implementation idea

Store the documentation in our wiki, for example in S2S_PRODUCTION_SERVER.

S2S_ADMIN_INSTSTRUCTIONS_R0 -> The production server for Sophie.

How to demo

Access the setup-ed server.


(Describe your design here.)


(Describe and link the implementation results here (from the wiki or the repository).)


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