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The maintenance of the schedule is vital for the work flow of the project.

Task requirements

  • Daily reports.
  • Availability sheet.

Task result

The result of this task must be a wiki page.

Take for example ITERATION_01

How to Demo

Open ITERATION_01 and explain it's structure.


  • You must maintain the working schedule following these rules:
    • Analyze and create iteration schedule.
    • Track personal progress (with daily reports for example) and analyze the results.
    • Keep availability sheet up to date.
    • Track the unplanned tasks and notice the efforts they take.
  • Synchronize with internal backlog.


  • Iteration 1 page is available.
  • Daily reports are available.
  • There no unplanned tasks this sprint.
  • Availability sheet is available, see google doc sheet.
  • Will be done when availability sheet is filled.



  • Analyzing : Pavlina, Todor(done: 30 mins)
    • Review: 3.5 by Tanya. OK.
  • Designing : Pacitu (done: 30m)
  • Implementing :Pacitu
    • Review: 3.5 by todor. Maintenance of the schedule was done according to the rules. Some reports need to be fixed according to the template.
  • Testing :