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Sophie Community Server (SCS) is a community site project. In this revision the goal is to migrate everything to the new server:

Task requirements

The current server must be migrated to the new Currently, its functionality is limited, so some other features are required:

  • The migration must be done when no one is using the community server, e.g. during this weekend.
  • The server must be good enough for external usage.
  • Integration of a build server (and maybe something other in the next revisions, like testlink) must be made possible.

Task result

The result will be a fully functional community server.

Implementation idea

Since the new server is already functioning, the old one must just be migrated and stopped.


How to demo

Show the server to the team.


There is already server machine with some apps set. It has:

We have to:

  • change the internal ip to be a value from to - these IPs can be reserved for the servers we use.
  • migrate the Trac and svn repository(this will be done in Saturday not to have commit conflicts)
    • there is a scs folder in the home dir were the svn, trac, testlink and backup will be stored
    • we should get back the build status page in Trac
  • create the appropriate accounts for all the developers
  • install maven -


  • Trac and svn have been migrated.
  • The internal IP has been changed to
  • The "build status" menu item was added by a Continuum plugin, which is useless - we decided to use Hudson. Installation of the Hudson plugin for Trac is already described in the design of BUILD_SERVER_INTEGRATION_R0, so it is not part of this task.
  • Accounts have been created.
  • Maven is already installed.
  • has been replaced with a page referring to, and the old repository has been stopped.



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)