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The task goal is to setup a working wiki that will be used in the whole project. The wiki and the Repository will be the most used tools during the project, so an appropriate wiki solution is needed.

Task requirements

  • Choose a server to handle the following requirements:
    • enough space
    • enough bandwidth
    • accessibility from outside (local, too)
  • Choose software solution (trac)
    • user accounts
  • Install, run and setup following:
    • User accounts
  • Import what is needed from the old wiki.
  • Use generated pages from SCHEDULE_WBS_EXPORTS_R0 and import them into the wiki.

Task result

The task result should be a working wiki solution. Include it's address here.

Implementation idea

Setup trac and use it's wiki features.


How to demo

Impress the team by presenting



  • Trac v0.11 was installed on 'dan-server'( - this is a local IP) using the Trac Installation Guide from the Trac website. The Trac server is ran as a standalone server using:
    tracd -p 8000 --auth=sophie2,/sophie-project/sophie2/conf/users.htdigest,sophie2 /sophie-project/sophie2/
  • The location of the trac environment for the Sophie2 project is located in the /sophie-project/sophie2 folder. The repository for the project is located in the /sophie-project/repo folder on the 'dan-server' computer.
  • User authentication is added using an htdigest password file. All developers have Treac accounts.
  • A Task Index page is generated from the python file. In the Developers' Home page, there are links to the 'Task Index' page, The 'Iteration 1' index page and 'Important Documents' page.



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