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This task includes structuring and maintaining the wiki in such a way that is easy to read and follow. All important documents should be in the Wiki or have links there.

Task requirements

We must define an easy for maintenance initial wiki structure ( use the old wiki and other wikies for example ). Of course the structure will change in time as new things have to be added, this process should be maintained so it does not get out of hands.

Task result

The result of this task must be an easy for use and maintain Wiki.

Implementation idea

Make pages <=3 clicks away from each other. "Don't put important information on your site that is more than 3 clicks away from an entrance page"


How to demo

Show the wiki and point the designed and implemented improvements.


  • Tasks and Iterations
    • We will have one big task index page consisting of all the tasks' revisions in the project. This should be generated from the file and should not be edited by hand.
    • Every revision page will have Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Log headings.
    • Every Iteration page will consist of links to the tasks' revisions which are scheduled for the specific iteration.
  • Documentation
    • We will have Documentation page with links to Specification and other useful documents.


Added missing sections (mainly log sections)



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