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Maintenance depends on test tracking setup. The maintenance should be performed monthly.

Task requirements

These task requirements apply for all revisions. Please expand them in other revisions' analysis.

  • Review existing tests.
  • Review test current progress. Discuss with team problem tests.
  • Review tickets of passed tests. If the test was failing but now is passing, close the ticket.
  • Review if there are new basic tests.
  • Mark needed tickets as unplanned and schedule them for a corresponding milestone.

Task result

The result should be stored in a log file in the wiki for example. Decide if this is the best way to keep information about maintained tracker.

Implementation idea

Create SCS_TEST_TRACKING_MAINTAINCE? and split it into 12 sections. Name each section with milestone and date. Fill in first section (for this milestone). Define rules about this document. Otherwise fill in Implementation section what is done.


How to demo

You should be able to present task progress by showing SCS_TEST_TRACKING_MAINTAINCE_R0


Decided to use current revision's implementation section (see Implementation Idea).Currently, tcw is set up but there are only example tests. Make sure test tracker is working properly and delete existing example test cases.


Deleted two existing web cases. Ensured tcw is working properly and is not visible from outside due to security issues. Test tracker is now empty and set up for internal use.



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