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The purpose of this task is to make the Development Overview more useful.

Task requirements

The following should be done by 2 new team members and one experienced.

  • In Design phase
    • Review the the Development overview DEVELOPMENT_OVERVIEW
    • Create a list with non-clear sections and propose improvements
  • Apply suggestions done in the list.
  • Revise (correct) formatting
    • Remove numbering as it is inconsistent

Task result

Better structured and more useful development overview.

Implementation idea

  • Having a gmail account is not necessary for participating in googlegroups! This is obsolete.
  • Workstation setup section is internal as it is described - correct it.
  • Split the needed software in sections: Needed and recommended.
  • Remove the "committing daily reports" section as it is internal.
  • Explain FakeAuthor (or link explanation)
  • Avoid emoticon usage ( such as :) :( :/ ) in documents.
  • For "The project" section
    • Removing features of Sophie1 is not our goal, quite the contrary. Improving Sophie1 features is our goal. Probably a better usability.
    • There are no tasks with one revision (planned) - the range is 2-12


How to demo

Show DEVELOPMENT_OVERVIEW and explain modifications.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)