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The goal of this task is to design and create an overview page that gives basic information about the Sophie 2 project and its structure.

Task requirements

  • The page should explain with a few sentences the project and its purposes.
  • A link to the DEVELOPMENT_OVERVIEW page should be provided for contributors (with a brief explanation).
  • A more detailed explanation of what is Sophie 2 should be provided.
  • Explain and link the user documentation.

Task result

The result of this task should be a wiki page containing the Sophie2 overview: PROJECT_OVERVIEW.

Implementation idea

Review the DEVELOPMENT_OVERVIEW section for ideas. Skim through the important docs and link them if they are related to the Sophie2 project or its structure. Write an explanation next to each link.


How to demo

Show the newly created wiki page.


Every section must be a separate paragraph in the overview page.
Every paragraph must include short description and link to the mentioned page.


  • PROJECT_OVERVIEW created (as described in the Design, "Comments" is slightly changed).
  • The "License" link from the About page is removed (the Overview already has a link to it).
  • In WikiStart, the "About" link is replaced with "Overview".



(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)