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This that is about the extensibility of the persistence format of Sophie 2.0. The persistence format should provide an extension point for new things to be persisted.

Task requirements

  • Design a way to persist new things.
    • If the client implements a new plug-in that uses something which may be persisted, the format should provide him the ability to do so.
    • Persisting new should should be independent regarding the original Sophie 2.0 format.
  • Sophie 2.0 persisting format should provide extension point for persisting.
    • Everything that is to be persisted from a certain point on, should be declared as an extension to the persisting format of Sophie 2.0
  • Provide a wiki page that fully describes the way the client should implement new extensions for the persistence format.
  • Write unit test with a mock extension of the format that tests its extensibility capabilities.
  • All important wiki content should be put in the corresponding section of a wiki page => BASE_PERSISTENCE

Task result

  • Source code.
  • Wiki page.
  • Unit Tests.

Implementation idea

How to demo

  • Show the wiki page that describes the extensibility.
  • Run unit tests.



(Implementation results should be described and linked here (from the wiki or the repository))



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