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This task is about persisting ProObjects/Properties. Generally the idea is that in Sophie 2 we have immutables and ProObjects/Properties and they have to be persisted. This task is responsible for persisting the property part.

Task requirements

  • ProObjects should be persisted and the following should be taken into consideration when designing how this will be done:
    • ProObjects and immutables form an acyclic graph of dependencies in Sophie 2. Having this in mind, persisting should be designed in such a way that:
      • saving and especially loading shouldn't be affected by the order of traversal.
      • usage of SharedSaver and SharedLoader should be explained in the context of persisting ProObjects/Properties.
        • sample use case with explanations should be provided.
        • explanations on why the proposed design won't be affected by the loading order.
      • immutables are the leaves in this graph of dependencies. Explain how persisting ProObject/Properties should collaborate with persisting of immutables to achieve a working scheme for persisting the whole graph.
    • Think of scenarios and define the way properties save/load.
  • Create a wiki page with the design of the format that will handle the things stated above.
    • provide scenarios to show that this format is really needed.
    • create diagrams.
    • give concrete explanations.
  • All important wiki content should be put in the corresponding section of a wiki page => BASE_PERSISTENCE

Task result

  • wiki page.

Implementation idea

How to demo

  • show the wiki page and explain the things described there.


(Describe your design here.)


(Describe and link the implementation results here (from the wiki or the repository).)


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