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Download Sophie 2.0

Sophie 2.0 is released under the Educational Community License, Version 2.0.

Sophie 2.0 requires Java 5 or its equivalent.

This is an old release

Release notes

New features and fixes

  • Support for large resources (including embedding)
  • Page Structure Palette improvements
  • Some video performance optimizations
  • Significant text chaining performance optimizations
  • Significant RTF import performance optimizations
  • Improvements on Z-order behaviour
  • Link actions can open external urls
  • Drag And Drop improvements
  • File open / save improvements (including more meaningful file extensions)
  • Minor timeline fixes
  • Media seeking.
  • Online submit from Bug Report Form.
  • Text wrap mode.
  • Tool-tip improvements.
  • Better audio input / output.

Known issues

  • Web sites using Flash don't work in browser frames and may make Sophie unresponsive.
  • Sophie's performance is better on computers when running in Java 6 than it is in Java 5; if your computer has both, make sure that you're using Java 6.
  • There are issues with some movie files.
  • Autochaining creates new pages but doesn't yet respect layouts.
  • Parts of the timeline interface still work incorrectly.
  • There are some issues with layout redrawing which affect performance.
  • Not all resources can be exported in their original formats yet.
  • Possible audio issues with linux32


ZIP of Sophie 2 beta 3 for all platforms

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Sophie 2 Server

Sophie 2 Platform

(This contains the Author, Reader, and Server components in one directory.)

Installers of Sophie 2 beta 2 for Windows and Linux

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Sophie 2 Server

Mac OS Sophie 2 beta 2 packages

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Daily builds

These builds are the latest daily builds, in both ZIP and GZIP format. Use caution with these; the features present in these builds may not match that which is described in the documentation and have not been as tested as thoroughly as the regular release.

Build server

Source code

User documentation

Sample books

  • More demo books can be found here.

Previous releases