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Download Sophie 2.0

Sophie 2.0 is released under the Educational Community License, Version 2.0.

Sophie 2.0 requires Java 5 or its equivalent.

This is an old release

Release notes

New features

  • Java 5 compatibility.
  • Support for more media formats.
  • Styled text can be saved.
  • Auto-chaining prototype.
  • Enhanced halos, HUDs and palettes.
  • Resource renaming and human-readable resource names.
  • Page links.
  • Books can be uploaded to server.


  • More stable templates.
  • More attractive books palette.
  • Pressing TAB in text inserts spaces.
  • Books with audio and video can now be saved.

Known issues:

  • Only simple HTML documents can be imported.
  • Auto chaining may break with long text.
  • Importing an annotation set does not work.
  • HUDs can be inaccessible in some cases as they are hidden by the window edges.
  • Content cannot be used as a frame or page template.
  • Resources cannot be deleted from a book.
  • Books with text styling cannot be opened in Reader application.
  • Grouping may break chaining and templating.
  • Text collaboration is at alpha stage and may be unusable.
  • HTML and PDF export do not work properly in some cases.
  • Audio recording does not work yet.


ZIP of Sophie 2 test release 4 for all platforms

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Sophie 2 Server

Installers of Sophie 2 test release 4 for Windows and Linux

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

MacOS Sophie 2 test release 4 packages

Sophie 2 Author

Sophie 2 Reader

Daily builds

These builds are the latest daily builds, in both ZIP and GZIP format. Use caution with these; the features present in these builds may not match that which is described in the documentation and have not been as tested as thoroughly as the regular release.

Build server

Source code

User documentation

Sample books

  • More demo books can be found here.


  • Basic tutorials on getting started with Sophie are available here.

Release schedule

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