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Platform standards should cover all work process and give clear idea how tasks should be implemented.

Task requirements

Create a wiki page that contains rules about what should be done during design. Design should cover completely the current revision of the task. Creating a design should be after analysis have been reviewed with 3 or more points. A complete design shows how the task will be implemented. Include a link to the task template.

Task result

Wiki page

Implementation idea

Create PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN and specify rules about Design section in it.


How to demo

Present PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN and explain design standards.


Design should be kept in the task page in each iteration in section Design. Create a document here which has the following content:

  1. strict design requirements (what should contain a design.) These should clear how should this task be implemented.
  2. where to make the design (in task page for current revision, section Design)
  3. who has to make the design (QA or Developer)
  4. good and useful examples (team discussion which of the designs are the best)

Design section should answer the question "How to do this task".


Created and filled in PLATFORM_STANDARDS_DESIGN according to the Design section of this page.



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