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As schedule maintenance is a routine task, the most of the requirements from previous iterations are applicable.

Task requirements

  • Create manage/reports/m03/0m03-opening.txt and log the opening
  • Create page for this iteration (Already created, but includes planned tasks only ITERATION_03
  • Add the tasks for this iteration
    • unfinished tasks from the previous sprint (if any)
    • unplanned tasks - Unplanned tasks should be discussed with the team in order to decide which tasks that are planned for other iterations need effort in this iteration.
    • remote tasks - Remote tasks are decided in sprint opening.

Further information on what tasks should be added will be available in manage/reports/m03/ in sprint opening log.

  • For each task you should create a ticket with link to a wiki page for this revision in decription field. Other required fields are:
    • Priority - [1 .. 5]
    • Importance - [10 .. 99]
    • Effort - [0.5+]
    • Component

Task result

The result should be iteration page containing all needed tickets.

Implementation idea

Use this page SCHEDULE_WBS_TIME_ALLOC, discuss which tasks need attention and add them as unplanned tasks. (Do this at the sprint opening). Review and include tasks from the log.


How to demo



  • File containing descriptions for most of the tasks was created, it is located at manage/reports/m03/0m03-descriptions-en.txt
  • Page for ITERATION_03 is created, but some things must be corrected
    • remove tasks, that teams decided won't be finished in time (for example the ones that are related to book templates, and exporting of annotations)
      • ask each team to point exactly the tasks that it have to be rescheduled for next iterations
      • shift them to the corresponding iterations (you may "trade" some of them, this means that you can take other tasks with similar or smaller effort from next iterations)
    • add unplanned tasks that must be done during this sprint
    • add tasks that were "traded" or moved from other iterations
  • Each task should have a ticket with link to a wiki page for this revision in description field. Other required fields are:
    • Priority - [1 .. 5]
    • Importance - [10 .. 99]
    • Effort - [0.5+]
    • Component
  • Discussions between all teams about some tasks and whether they should be added or removed were done
  • Tasks that must be removed from this iteration's schedule:


The tasks removed from iteration's page:

Task added to iteration page is UNPLANNED_DEVELOPMENT_OVERVIEW_R1.
As result the ITERATION_03 page contains only tasks that were considered on the sprint opening and during the discussions with the different teams.



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