Posts for the month of June 2009

ITERATION_07 Summary

We have concluded and released our seventh iteration.

New people were hired and our team expanded, so we've divided into additional, smaller subteams. A team of integrators is now responsible for reviewing tasks and committing in the trunc. Each developer has an individual branch. Splitting into smaller teams improved both our process and our internal communications because there is a now person in each subteam responsible for the managing the process, including duties such as following the backlog and daily reporting.

The team has had numerous discussions in order to improve the global understanding of several fundamental issues. Many of these discussions are available as English videos.

Results of the ITERATION_07 retrospection are listed below.

What went well:

  • New people to the team
  • Integrator team helps raise the quality of the product
  • Release demo

What could be better:

  • Some fundamentals starting late
  • Late submits for integrators
  • Application performance

How to improve:

  • Concentrate on application performance
  • Discussions and improved communications
  • Better scheduling and weekly timeboxing
  • Improve professionalism

Best regards, The Sophie Team.