Posts for the month of September 2009

ITERATION_10 and ITERATION_11 Summaries

During the last two iterations the team released two major versions of Sophie 2.0, Alpha 3 released on July 17 and Alpha 4 released on August 14.

We posted a release on September 15. This release marks the team's move to weekly releases as we approach October 15, when the full version of Sophie 2.0 will be released. This is being done to work more efficiently with the testing team organized at USC.

Here are the results of the retrospection for ITERATION_10.

What went well:

  • Redesign
  • New features
  • Intrateam organization
  • Look and feel

What could be better:

  • Redesign speed
  • End product focus
  • Application startup speed
  • Weekly timeboxing

How to improve:

  • Focus on usability
  • More testing
  • More autotesting
  • Concentrate on finalizing Sophie
  • Concrete redesign goals

We bypassed the closing and retrospection for the eleventh iteration in order to reduce the process overhead and concentrate on the release of Alpha 4.

Best regards, the Sophie Team.