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pro_lib = - designed to help people! If they are not helping, either something should be fixed or people do not understand how to use it.

  • attibute - self responsible.
  • do not care about initializing order.
  • good practices:
    • defaulty constructors.
    • avoid final properties.
    • push updates - instead of updating things manually, provide these things the ability to auto-update.
    • avoid trying to use unconventionally the pro_lib since this is error prone.
  • Property improper use cases:
    • accessing an AutoProperty WILL NOT invoke its compute() method!
    • resource properties:
      • create method should depend on NOTHING => it is invoked once and will not update things.
      • setup methods are designed to keep things synchronized for people. @Setup may be put to split setup things in different methods, so that they are updated in groups.
      • destroy methods are not working.
  • List properties.


  • extensions are now sortable by comparator.



  • this is a new module to split the layout and menus from the main.view things.


  • provides things to simplify things that are registered for a single skin => currently a map with (id, value) entries.

global things

  • few people have a global vision about things.
    • people should get a better overall idea.
  • supercool model.
    • not only implement a great library but find a task to actually use it and also do that task.
      • this will improve the library.
      • things that are error prone will appear.
  • the "not my task/class" problem (people tend to do only things that are tracked and planned):
    • the code is owned by everyone!
    • fix things that need to fixed in order to implement you things, otherwise the next revision of the task will fail.
    • if the things are complicated to be fixed, ask the others, make discussions about it.

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  • Posted: 2009-01-20 16:32 (Updated: 2009-01-20 16:32)
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