Progress Report

At the moment we're in the middle of our second iteration. And we decided that it is about time to give you some additional information on our progress. We've managed to integrate Maven and Ant, and we have Sophie 2.0 builds using these technologies. We're adopting a new workflow that will help us to distinguish the different phases of each task. It will also give us the opportunity to leave comments, which is a very useful capability. After the first iteration, which was more "documents/standards oriented", we're beginning to focus on coding tasks related to Sophie's basic functionalities. We're also working on the first iteration's three unfinished tasks.

As we move forward our team will expand so that our pace or work can be maintained and all defined objectives met. The expanded team will also help to ensure that we always achieve the highest possible quality for each and every milestone.

So far, so good! At the end of this iteration there will be a post with more detailed information about what we've accomplished, and what we expect to do for the next iteration.

The Astea Solutions Sophie Team.

  • Posted: 2008-10-21 15:51 (Updated: 2008-12-17 19:14)
  • Author: todor
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