ITERATION_05 Summary

ITERATION_05 is now complete and the information below summarizes what has been achieved with this iteration.

On March 13, as scheduled, we delivered the pre-Alpha 4 version of Sophie 2.0, which is available for download here. We are also pleased to present the new Sophie 2 community site, which we will continue to enhance in the upcoming week. Please note that the new primary domain for the Sophie project is available.

In addition to holding numerous design meetings involving the entire team, we also created stable wireframes for the project's specification and continued to make improvements to the overall quality of the code.

Sophie 2.0 pre-Alpha 4 can run on Windows, Linux and MacOS, and includes many of the functionalities (some in prototype form) to be included in the final product. They include the insertion of different types of resources such as PDF files, images, audio and video files; the creation of annotations; basic frame manipulation; and many others that you can try for yourself. There are still, however, some known issues to be resolved, all of which are listed in the product’s download page in the section “Known Problems”.

Results of the closing:

What went well:

  • release was on time
  • new functionalities were added to the product
  • additional design discussions helped to spread our global vision for the product to new team members
  • lots of blockers were fixed

What could be better:

  • the process must be followed closely even under time pressure
  • we need to continue to improve and simplify the process

How to improve:

  • better self management
  • continue to optimize the process
  • better prioritization of tasks
  • do more pair programming

Best regards from the Sophie team!

  • Posted: 2009-03-24 14:08 (Updated: 2009-10-15 23:53)
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