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Maven must continue to build Sophie 2.0, run tests and generate reports.

Task requirements

  • Describe how to add new report plugin in PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_MAVEN
  • Improve the assembly plugin we use for building. Optional: generate zip files for the different editions.
  • The mvn site command should end with successful generation of the reports.
  • Go through the base pom.xml file, correct the mistakes and refresh it with the new information(add the developer names for example).

Task result

Implementation idea

  • Add information about the new developers to the trunk/sophie2-platform/pom.xml
  • Describe the new profiles(hudson and jspcompile) in the PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_MAVEN. Mention the reports section where the report plugins should go.
  • Add argLine configuration for the reports where needed so the mvn site can work correctly.


How to demo


  • Not in the requirements but important: research how to make local maven repository is made. Nexus is one good repository manager and it uses jetty server for running. More info at We can set up Nexus on our server and use it as our internal maven repository.
    • Nexus should be installed and set up following the instructions in the designated tutorial.
    • Configuration in the base pom.xml should be added so the first package repository will be our internal repository.
  • mvn site works only if the MAVEN_OPTS variable described in the maven doc is set correctly. Also we should add sourcepath, javadocVersion and failOnError configurations for the javadoc plugin. Their values are as follows ${basedir}/src/main/java, 1.5 and false. The forkMode and argLine are not needed as long as the MAVEN_OPTS is set up correctly.
  • Information about profiles, reports and eclipse 'Maven build...' option is added in PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_MAVEN.
  • There should be added configuration files in src/assembly different for server and author editions. They should be added as descriptors in base pom.xml - maven-assembly-plugin configuration.


  • Nexus is set up on:
  • mvn site is working now when you set up your MAVEN_OPTS as it is described in PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_MAVEN
  • assembly plugin generates three directories with the author edition, the server edition and the sophie2-platform. The changeset is 1431.

There is problem with the dependencies for zip generation - they are repeated many times in the arhive. For now there will be only folders with the editions.

  • The command is 'mvn assembly:directory'



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