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Keeps testlink usable.

Task requirements

  • Update the mindmap and create a note that every testcase should be updated there. Use freemind icons to mark different statuses of testcases.
    • For created testcases that are currently executable - with the "OK" icon
    • For created empty testcases (with name and TLID only) - with the "Idea" icon
    • For testcases that are related to missing functionalities - with the "Important" icon.
  • Create some usecases. See implementation idea
    • Describe usecases in the Design section
    • In implementation section add the designed use cases in a new branch of the mindmap.
  • Consider moving the mindmap to a public folder of the repository - for example doc folder in trunk.

Task result

  • Updated structure
  • At least 5 usecases

Implementation idea

  • User wants to create a photo album
    • Uses a template
    • Uses TOC
    • Uses previous/next buttons
    • Uses home button
    • Uses stickys to comment his own photos
    • Uses comment frames for each page
  • User wants to create a flyer
    • Creates custom template
    • Creates two page flyer
    • Adds photos
    • Arranges photos
    • Prints the flyer
    • Adds an RSPV comment frame on the second page
    • Adds stickys
  • User wants to create a cookbook
    • Creates a cover - image, etc
    • Adds a template for recepies
      • A text frame
      • An image frame
    • Adds some recepies
    • Records audio notes
    • Inserts stickies
  • A newspaper like book
    • Create several pages
    • For the first page
      • Use text frames with larger font to create titles of the newspaper and the headlines
      • Add some pictures for each news.
    • Use templates for the page overall layout
      • date field in the upper part of each page
      • name of the paper
      • patterned image frame for upper ornament
    • Add some news with pictures.
    • Add image of a crossword or sudoku (you can find a lot of these searching google images)
    • Export the already created book ("newspaper") as PDF and HTML.
    • Print one copy to test the "Print" function.
  • Music book including songs and music videos of a band
    • On the first page there must be a list with songs.
      • Each song title should be a link to a page with audio or video frame.
    • For the video frames page could have a patterned background
    • For the pages with only audio frame the background could be photo related to the song.
    • On each page the user must have possibility to return to the home page with the playlist.

Mindmap file is currently located here: manage/p2/

How to demo

  • Show the mindmap
  • Show the newly created testcases


User wants to create a photo album

  1. Create a new book
  1. Add new page. Create a custom border and background, decide using gradient or image.
  1. On page 2 add a landscaped image
  1. Center the image on the page by using the HUD
  1. Add a comment frame to the page
  1. Change the size and center the comment frame using the HUD
  1. Add the comment frame as a template
  1. Add images for previous, next and home pages
  1. Create links for these
  1. Add the page as a template
  1. Create a new page using the template
  1. Open the image frame HUD
  1. Set the size to custom
  1. Set the position to custom
  1. Set the content to custom
  1. Select the comment frame and set the content to custom
  1. Insert a portrait image and center it.
  1. Save the page as template
  1. Select 10-15 photos from the OS and drag them to the operating system.
  1. For each photo create a page that corresponds to photo orientation
  1. For each page drag the corresponding photo to the image frame
  1. Go to last page and delete the next page button.
  1. Save and reload the book.

User wants to create a flyer

  1. Create a new book with landscape orientation
  1. Choose border and an image background
  1. Add 4 photos to the page and arrange them. Use rotation, borders and resizing
  1. Add some text over the images
  1. Rotate the text and arrange it. Remove the frame border.
  1. Print the flyer (to a PDF if printer is not present)
  1. Save the page as a template.
  1. Create a new page using this template. Remove text frames and add a comment frame instead.
  1. Save the book

User wants to create a cookbook

  1. Create a new book
  1. Add an image for cover
  1. Add a text frame with the name of the book
  1. Insert a new page for the book content
  1. Insert a page for recepie, add an image frame and a text frame. Choose border and background. Save the page as template.
  1. Add text to the text frame
  1. Record an audio note and add it to the page
  1. Add some pages and insert recepies in them
  1. Add sticky notes with tips - for example, appropriate drinks for this meal.
  1. Save the book
  1. Review the book in reader app.

User wants to create a newspaper

  1. Create a book with portrait orientation
  1. Add a text field in the upper part of each page. Add the current date.
  1. Add a text frame for the name of the paper. Add the name of the paper
  1. Add a text frame as patterned image frame for upper ornament.
  1. Add a text frame. Make it large enough. Choose 72px font size (for example)
  1. Create a new text frame. Make it tall and narrow.
  1. Copy and paste it 3 times.
  1. Arrange the frames.
  1. Chain the frames.
  1. Fill the frames with text.
  1. Add pictures to the article
  1. Make few more articles.
  1. Use links to extend the articles on other pages.
  1. Use videos to some of the links
  1. Save the newspaper
  1. Reload the newspaper and preview it
  1. Print the newspaper to a PDF and a HTML
  1. Optional: Print a paper copy of the newspaper

User wants to create a music book

  1. Create a new book. On the first page, add a popular song of the band.
  1. Add images for the album covers.
  1. Add link that refers to the album page to each image.
  1. Create a new page, add album cover and a text frame for song titles.
  1. Add the page as a template. Create pages for each album. Use this template for each album page.
  1. Type in song titles. For each title create a link that plays the audio
  1. Insert videos on the album pages. They should overlap each other. Add links to the song titles - on mouse click, toggle frame
  1. Save and reload the book
  1. Preview the book


  • 1078: Photo album
  • 1080: Flyer
  • 1082: Cookbook
  • 1084: Newspaper
  • 1087: Music book



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