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Create test cases for existing bugs that do not have test cases.

Task requirements

  • Review existing test cases
  • Create test cases for the bugs that do not have test cases.
  • Add the test case id in the ticket comment
  • Add the newly created test cases to a test plan. Use the current revision of the trunk for the test case
  • Schedule executing of the test plan.
  • Optional - create test cases for non-fixed bugs
  • Optional - execute the test plan and link the result here

Task result

  • Test cases for fixed bugs in the demo

Implementation idea

  • Create tests for the fixed bugs first.


How to demo

(Provide instructions for demonstration of the task.)


Used this report 31 to get the list of closed bugs

  • For #1702 and #1694 a halo layout testcase will be created. This should include page and frame resizing and rotating as well as groups.
  • A test case for default sizes of video, image, pdf and books is needed. This will be fixed later. This should not be a regular test.
  • A keyboard test is needed for test frames. This should be discussed with the developers. This is related to the "Shift" bug.
  • App file dialogs test case should be split for the various file dialogs. All of them should be covered. Consisitency should be ensured. #1714 #1738 #1755 #1756
  • Embedding book test case should include embedding the book twice. Probably a new test case ensuring the resources can be duplicated will be OK. #1722
  • A persistence test case is needed. This can be done by a general test case covering most of the functionality or split into pieces (Each functionality test case to include save and reload. If one test case is created, it should be regular. #1725, #1726, #1727, #1728, #1729 ...
    • A good idea is to create one fast test - that tests persistence of all elements, and then tests for specific things, that should be tested if the master test fails. This can be an auto test.
  • To link testcase frame name #1731 human readability should be ensured. #1750
  • Browser frame test cases should be created
  • Book desktop test case should be created #1742, #1743
  • Zoom TLID:799 should be expanded with #1745
  • Sticky test case is needed #1752
  • These were all fixed bugs. Non-fixed bugs design will be postponed for now.

Attached is the report of the last test (Alpha3). See comments and repair tests according to them.

The attached mindmap contains structure of the test case system!


  • Old structure is moved into a test suite (Test Suite : Old Structure)
  • The new structure is applied and empty test cases are created.
  • TLID:995 covers the page resize halo bug. Special test case for halo layout won't be created according to the structure. Halo layout will be tested in the test cases covering different functionalities. A comment in test suite Group Editing was added.
  • In Test Suites Image, Video, PDF all test cases cover default sizes of content.
  • Some app file dialogs tests are created, but mainly for the insert. According to the design, tests should be done by functionality. Related test cases are 887,889,891,893,895,897,899,901,903,905,911,913,915, 831, 825, 835, 1032. These do not cover all the dialogs, but the other testcases will ensure this in later revisions.
  • Embedding book test case TLID: 1032 ensures the book can be embedded twice. All resource types test cases ensure that.
  • Persistence is covered in different test cases. Also, system tests testing the persistence will be done.
  • Links test case is TLID: 1051
  • Zoom test case is added here TLID: 1054
  • Browser frame test case is created TLID:881
  • A keyboard test is created for test frames. TLID:1056
  • Book desktop is being refactored right now so test case will be obsolete.
  • Annotation testcase TLID: 1004
  • Since the refactoring is not over yet, tests won't be executed right now and no test plan will be created.


(Place the testing results here.)


(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)