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Wiki maintenance assures that the wiki is in perfect usable condition.

Task requirements

In this revision the requirements are:

  • Delete the obsolete page templates
  • Create an iteration page template (see ITERATION_03)
  • Review and repair the duplicate information (or at least - start doing it) See implementation idea for this.
  • Make sure you've repaired the links in documents that point to a page that you've renamed!
  • Add [[BackLinksMenu]] to all of the pages in ImportantDocs

Task result

Maintained wiki.

Implementation idea

Here is a list of pages that contain almost the same (or overlapping) information, missing links, etc.: PROCESS
PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW - the repository section should be linked as a part of PLATFORM_STANDARDS_REPOSITORY
PLATFORM_STANDARDS_NAMING_CONVENTION? - should be discussed with the team leader and filled in with:

This document should be linked where needed.

(Here you can add related tasks that could be useful or helpful.)

How to demo

Show some of the corrected pages and explain the improvements you made.


  • Create section with information about holidays in the iteration page (that was added as requirement after the analysis)
    • use table structure
    • mark workdays and holidays
    • write down the important events on their dates (weeklies, progress checks, etc.)
  • Remove obsolete page templates
  • Iteration page template content
    == Related Tickets ==
  • List with pages without [[BackLinksMenu]], linked in ImportantDocs
  • Obsolete pages that must be deleted
    • READ_DOCS? - it is empty and we already keep such record in our internal backlog.
    • SPRINT_LOGS? - it is empty, and the summaries that we're sending in the dev mailist and post in the blog, make this page obsolete.
    • OPEN_QUESTIONS? - it is empty and we already keep such record in our internal backlog.
  • Repository documents are now gathered and structured in PLATFORM_STANDARDS_REPOSITORY, that was part of another task
  • Remove the overlapping information from PROCESS, PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW and etc. if possible (due to the little effort of this revision)
  • Move the following part from PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW to PLATFORM_STANDARDS_REPOSITORY and create link in PLATFORM_INFRASTRUCTURE_OVERVIEW (when applying this section to the repo page use bullet structure).
    ==== Deploying a project in a repository ====  
     * Checkout the project repository
      *  In Windows:
       1. Right-click in a new empty folder and choose "Create repository here" option from the TortoiseSVN submenu.
       1. Choose "SVN Checkout...". Enter the URL of the repository of the Sophie2 project. The URL is SVN://
       1. Choose your checkout directory(sophie2-repo). It is set by default to be the empty folder in which you choose "SVN Checkout...".
       1. Write your username and password for the repo. Now you have local project repository.
      * In Mac/Linux:
       1. Open Terminal
       1. use the command svn checkout SVN:// sophie2
    Build the project in Eclipse by following the instructions on the [wiki:PLATFORM_DEPLOYMENT_BUILD_ECLIPSE Eclipse Integration] page.
  • Same way rename all pages in ImportantDocs so that all have same convention.
  • Remove the entry for PLATFORM_STANDARDS_MANUAL_TESTS_R0 from ImportantDocs it doesn't belong there
  • Reorder ImportantDocs using the following order
  • Creating PLATFORM_STANDARDS_NAMING_CONVENTION? must be included in other tasks, because this has too little effort




(Write comments for this or later revisions here.)