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The goal of this task is to create a usable community website. The final site depends on many other elements, they are listed above in Related tasks section.

Task requirements

Discuss the site design. Create:

  • Homepage
  • Feature release schedule
  • Licensing page - this one should probably be only hyperlinked as it depends on licensing.

Create links to:

  • wiki
  • issue tracker
  • mailing lists
  • blog
  • news
  • downloads?
  • about page.

Task result

The result must be approved by the team. Any suggestions should be discussed so the site should be improved in later revisions.

Implementation idea

The trac wiki is a good site example, however it should be tuned (have some contact information, internal information should be visible to limited user group only, some nice startpage.

The final task depends on following other tasks:

How to demo

Show some site design examples.


  • The Website will be the first page of the Trac wiki named WikiStart.
  • On the top of the page there will be:
    • A greeting message
    • Short description of the project
    • The Sophie2 logo
  • In the middle of the page, on the right there will be link box consisting of:
    • Wiki
    • Issue Tracker
    • Users Mail List
    • Developers Mail List;
    • Blog
    • Forum
    • About

The rest of the page will be filled with bolg news and other usefull information.


A simple site is done. It is available at Greeting message and short description added. Simple links added to Wiki, Issue Tracker and recent news. The site contains (or has links to):

  • wiki
  • sophie2 devs and users mail lists
  • issue tracker
  • blog
  • forum
  • about message



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